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 Why Detox?

Detox your internal organs  *  just as you would your outer.  Take advantage of our detox, cleansing, fasting and healing programs for an exhilarated healing experience.  Don't delay, your body needed this yesterday!
The art of detoxification is an art of anti-aging, healing, looking and feeling the best you could possibly feel all year long.  
Young beautiful skin comes from a healthy, clean internal environment. 
Allow me to guide you step by step into a total body transformation.  Let me show you how.
OK! lets go :)

The Ultimate Beauty and Healing Detox

OK! Lets get started "today"  - Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

Cleaning from the inside out is the key to ultimate beauty - 
(How toxic is your interstitial fluids, your lymphatic fluids, do you feel toxic, high acidity, having discharges, feel mucousy, stressed, depressed, on lots of medication, over weight, don't know where to turn - just pick up the phone and call, we have your back.) 

Our detox program will help transform you from that diamond in the rough.  We will peel away the rough layers one by one.  Peeling away the rough layers don't necessarily mean peeling  away the skin layers but the internal layers of toxic build up that cause disease.

We will customize a program for you to fit your time, life style and budget.  Just let us know what your working with and we will work with you on a individual  basis.  Visit our treatment benefit page to understand the importance of each treatment and let us customize your program.

OK, now that you have had the opportunity to examine our treatments and benefits, lets have a look at an example of a perfect  detox package that will exhilarate your detox and beautifying program.
Special Health Programs

Rejuvenate with Dr, Aqasikesat ND; NP 
We are pleased to offer this special health program. This is an ongoing weekly, monthly & yearly  program.

Dr Aqasikesat has been a Natural Physician, Naturopath for 10 years in addition she is a Colon HydroTherapist, Reiki Master. Iridologisgt, Master Herbalist, Living Food Prep Instructor, Over all Health Consultant. She is the founder of the Ra Natural Health & Education Center and The New extension Ra Spa - introducing spa treatments for a deeper detoxification experience.  Dr. A seeks out the healthiest alternatives for detoxification and healing and shares her very own experiences with clients as she helps and guides them into a greater detox experience every step of the way.
Rejuvenate with a variety of Dr. A's Cleansing systems.  Fast for 5 day, 10 days, 30 days or go for the ultimate 90 day wellness program.

Cleansing and enhancing my body and mind has been a passion of mine for over  25 years. "Rejuvenate with Dr. A's Cleansing Fast" is the culmination of years of learning and experiencing cleansing techniques learned from several teachers around the country and around the world. I will continue to seek out the best possible methods of cleansing and detoxifying, for an ultimate healing experience for both myself and my clients.

During the cleansing program, you will receive no solid food, only liquids but you will also be getting a tremendous amount of nutritional supplementation. Undoubtedly more than what your consuming on your current diet. Digestion takes 85% to 90% of the body’s energy. No solid foods will be ingested during your cleanse. Your body needs 100% of its energy to rejuvenate, renew and rebuild itself. This Cleanse is not difficult, throughout the day you will use only satisfying detox drinks.

The cleanse itself is foolproof, it will work as long as you work it, You will be supported and guided through the entire process.

I will continuously pass my experience and knowledge about cleansing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle onto you as a client. When you go home you will make the changes that you feel are appropriate. You will do what resonates in your mind and your heart and what you feel fits into your lifestyle.


Cleansing is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. In particular, the toxic waste that is impacted in the colon (large intestine). It is pure poison. Detoxification is the natural process of filtering wastes from the cells, organs and bloodstream. You will jump start your body into this process in the most effective manner. When you cleanse and detoxify physically you will also be doing so emotionally. You will be getting "un-stuck" in many ways.

Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

That is not even touching on DEGENERATIVE ILLNESSES and PREMATURE AGING!

Even if you started today and ate all the "right" things, you’d still have impacted fecal matter in your colon. Minerals and vitamins cannot be assimilated through the impacted intestinal walls to be utilized properly. The feces that are now there create a toxic bowel. If the bowel is toxic, so is the rest of the body. Your body cannot operate at it’s optimum level. These toxic conditions create disease and general poor health.

Thankfully reversing these conditions only takes a small fraction of the time it took to create them. Fasting is a powerful and effective way to eliminate toxins from the cells, bloodstream and every organ in your body. You will strengthen your immune system, sharpen your mental clarity, have improved skin tone, sleep better, improved energy, vitality and sense of well being. Cleansing will also remove pollutants that make you sluggish and tired. You will reduce water retention, bloating and constipation. Aches and pains will be relieved. You will lose or gain weight; whichever is best for you. You will be able to live life to the fullest with health, happiness and a sense of well-being!

When I came home from my first cleanse, everyone around me asked me what was up. I was glowing. I had seen myself everyday through the whole process and didn't realize what a difference I radiated. It was exciting and wonderful to feel so great and everyone noticed!


EVERYTHING that is needed to effectively cleanse in the shortest period of time. The supplements do several important things. They aid and accelerate the detoxification and purification of the body. They provide support and nourishment for the body and improve energy production. They stimulate and facilitate the release of toxins from our most important organs. They also facilitate the removal of toxins from the digestive and eliminative systems. They benefit every organ, every system, every joint and every cell in the body. These supplements do not require a lot of digestion and, therefore, do not interrupt the cleansing process. 
Examples of the cleansing and nutritional herbs and support are:

Fresh detox drinks, various detox teas, minerals, probiotics, chlorophyll (moringa), electrolytes (fresh coconut water), enzymes, fiber, lime and cayenne water, drinks for low blood sugar and a special detoxification drink taken a few times a day.

Ginger poultice, castor oil pack, skin brushing, yoga sessions to balance and heal your body. Meditation and breathing techniques.  Detox baths, special "liver cleanse"  will exhilarate detoxification
 (with the 7 day fasts).

Colon irrigation. This is of the utmost importance during a cleanse. Colon cleaning will remove the toxins that are being loosened during the fast. If allowed to circulate and not eliminated quickly enough, you will/can experience the feeling of "not-so-well-being." Colon cleansing will eliminate these reactions. I will teach everyone a do-it-yourself method that is included in the cost of the cleanse. I call this "colon cleansing". Colonics with a trained and certified Colon Therapist are also available on-site at an additional cost.

Also, before beginning a cleansing program, please be advised that your health is your own responsibility. I am not a MEDICAL AUTHORITY. Should you have any DOUBTS about your HEALTH, MEDICATIONS or ANY PREEXISTING CONDITION, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST.

If you are coming off caffeine then you will most likely have withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, maybe flu-like symptoms. Most likely only for a day or two.

Also, some people may experience the following symptoms:

Fever, headaches and other aches, fatigue, skin eruptions, emotional irritability, gas, temporary constipation or diarrhea, temporary loss of menstruation, muscular tension.

AFTER the cleanse you will feel great. You will be so proud of yourself and you will be surprised how easy it was. You will be with a group of people going through the same experiences and it is an empowering experience. Fasting and cleansing is not a new fad. These practices have been around for centuries

I would like to help you shed the negative thoughts and POUNDS of toxins from your body and have a renewed ZEST for life and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Please feel welcome and excited to take this journey with me!

For additional information, please contact me directly at:

Dr. Aqasikesat  "Rejuvenate with Dr. A's 90 Day Wellness Fast"

617.696.5505   or

weight gain 
low energy 
digestive problems decreased mental
memory loss 
 Moodiness            sugar cravings    sluggishness            bloating                Bags under eyes
irritability              water retention   aches and pains seizures                          
poor skin tone               poor complexion          low back pain
Poor posture    
Chest pain
Toxic environment      
OvereatingItchy skin
skin rashes 
Peptic Ulcer 
Hypoglycemia   cellulite    
puffy eyes    
Chronic fatigue Brittle nails    
Cold hands or feet      Irritable bowelNausea
Body odor
brittle hair
Spastic colon Colitis
Mouth sores
Potbelly      Joint Aches